America’s Police State

I’ve been intently following the travails of (ex-) GOP California state representative Micheal Duvall who was victimized by our increasing police state policies. I’ve fallen into something of a funk since the pace of details from his unfortunate entrapment in front of a live mike has slowed down. Oh sure, others might be interested to hear of his experimentation with spanking, or his multiple lovers, or even his penchant for much younger woman.

Not this blogger. I see a man destroyed by the very Commie Nazi policies that are slowly crushing this country. Years ago the President could happily reveal the details of his philandering to his inner circle without any danger of being exposed until after he was killed by the Mafia and Cubans. Not any longer. Now a man can hardly share a personal story about his man-bursts dripping from the loins of his lover without some American hater finding an illicit way of recording it and using it against him. What have we become?

As the Republicans have made clear time and time again, they are best suited to protect us from the Democrat’s police state because they are the ones with the most to hide.

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