Death Panels

Honestly, the health care debate has been a bit of a bore to me. I’m not quite sure what the single payer public option coop thing is all about and I don’t really have time to sort it all out. But one thing did catch my eye.

Death Panels.

When I saw this on Sarah Palin’s Facebook profile I thought, “Wait, we can have Death Panels? Holy fucking shit, I want that.”

Seriously, we are this close to getting Death Panels…..What is left to debate? Why is this taking so long? Death fucking panels. Listen up people, this is a major opportunity. We can’t blow it.

Think of what can be done when we have Death Panels. Think of how much better our society will be. Guys that talk on their phone in the car? Death Panel. Nose pickers? Death Panel. Close talkers, slow walkers, people with bad breath, people that clip their nails in public? Death fucking Panel mutherfuckers. Can’t show up for your Death Panel appointment because you have cancer or are paralyzed? You guessed it.

Personally, I’d love to have an opportunity to sit on the Death Panel for a week. It would be like Jury Duty that you wouldn’t make up stupid excuses to get out of. Brilliant! Those Democrats are insanely on point with this. Our country needs Death Panels. The sooner the better. I strongly encourage you to write your representative today and tell them you support Death Panels and you think they should too.


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